Like thousands of migrant working families, Nanimaya lost her husband to the FWC construction, from being trafficked to build infrastructure for the world cup in early 2015.

It’s heartbreaking to think, here we are in 2022, and still human life has less importance than entertainment. But unfortunately, not surprising.

Whilst the reminder of this loss, about to play out in all its festivity, is difficult for families around the world, we are focused on having our own celebration with this whanau because, as of a few months ago, Rabindra and all his hard work has secured all four children a place in school! They have been so excited to be able to attend school, which should be a right for every child.  The school has sponsored some of the fees for them too, due to the work that HLF has been doing, it’s a way for them to thank us for supporting their own people. Something the Nepalese is so very grateful for!

Nanimaya, Sherena & Niyog – ready for another day at school!

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