Tuberculosis in Nepal is a significant health problem, and untreated cases are a leading cause of death in its population. In impoverished communities where people suffer from malnutrition and disease, like our Chitwan whanau, are more likely to become victims. One of the elders was recently diagnosed with this awful disease and it was only through the knowledge and quick thinking of Rabindra and the team that we’ve achieved a successful outcome in her treatment. Thuli was seriously ill in Chitwan, and after recognising the symptoms, we got her on a bus for a long and strenuous trip to Kathmandu. Rabindra got her immediately into the hospital on arrival, where free treatment for TB patients is available. After weeks of treatment at high doses, rest, and care, Thuli has been released and has returned to Chitwan. This is a long and arduous treatment. After six months of treatment, she will return to the hospital to determine whether further treatment is required. Our hearts go out to Thuli in overcoming this truly awful illness.



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