Following on from the successful project with Rotary Foundation, we have been continuing to work with the Komhendo Mother Group Thamdanda, a community of hard working, dependable, courageous, and caring women. The women have been supported by the Himalyan Leaky Foundation (HLF) with horticultural training, ongoing support from industry experts, supplies of seeds and equipment, and business skills training. We have been delighted with the partnership that we have created with these women.

To date, they have had two successful market trips which has generated months of kai (food) supply, and over NZ$8,000 to support themselves, their whanau (family), and their community.

Padam and experts in agricultural growing and vegetable farming from the grassroots community, visited the people of Komhendo last week and took a look the crops sown from the seeds that were distributed in November 2021. They were so pleased with the work and wairua (spirit) of these women. Through the healthy crops, expressed the true aroha (love) and determination which these women show to support their whanau. Where required, Padam and the team shared technical advice and feedback to support the healthy growth of harvesting these crops.

Following on from the field visit, the groups then gathered for discussion with Padam and Mr Keshav Shrestha who shared his extensive experiences in working with groups for vegetable farming in grassroots communities. The women were delighted with the information taught, including the importance of working as a group, marketing strategies, and tips for the successful farming of vegetables.

There is a real sense of satisfaction from both the HLF team and the community as this partnership continues to grow stronger, and we look forward to working together into the future.