The Thamdanda Womens Group remain engaged and committed to the education sessions and have grown immensely since the training that was delivered earlier in the year. They have been selling their produce on roadside markets and in bulk supply. Their summer crop fed their whanau (families) and netted the group over US $5,000! One customer bought 1,500kg and intends to become a regular.

During the video call visit, most community members were busy working in the fields on the current rice plantation crop, so there were fewer women in the village to see. However, Padam was so pleased to report that they have been putting all their training into practice, and their next plan is to plant an early production of seasonal winter vegetables. So, it won’t be long before we get to see further truckloads of crops ready to market.

Following HLF recommendations, the Women Group is preparing documents for their formal registration at their local Government Department. After the registration, which is soon to be completed, they will be able to apply for support from the local Government to further benefit their work moving forward.

We are looking at another training session focused on entrepreneurship development and marketing strategies, which coupled with their earlier training, will give these women well-rounded sustainability and success to support now and future generations.





Training session April 2022.




Graduation! July 2022.