Rabindra and Padam travelled to Thamdanda and joined The Rotary Club of Westhaven New Zealand through a zoom call to show off the results of the water and sanitation project. I was able to show my amazing club the benefits to the villages since the project has been completed. It is like looking at a different place to the one we first met, there are lush green crops growing in the fields, buildings have been reconstructed, and the community is back to its vibrant life.

Rabindra on the zoom call with the Rotary Club of Westhaven, New Zealand.

Making use of technology for those Rotarians to visit this community and see our joint project in action, certainly makes it come to life for those unable to travel to Nepal. It was such a pleasure to see two completely different worlds sharing time together. A huge thanks to Rabindra and Padam for making this possible.

From surviving to thriving, this community has been such a pleasure to work with and it shows what is possible when people from around the world unite, to create positive lasting change.

Thamanda 2018.

Thamanda 2022.