On his latest visit to Thamdanda, Padam Tamang (a Director of HLF Nepal) was delighted to meet with the women of the community. Since our last visit the women have taken action to further their desires to be a part of our Integrated Community Development Program (ICDP) Women Empowerment Pilot Project, and to date, have formed the Rural Women’s Group of Thamdanda with 42 incredible women on board. They have collected funds amongst themselves and this will be invested and loaned within their group with the main investment area being construction of new homes due to earthquake damage.

They have expressed their desire to provide for themselves and their whanau by growing fruit and vegetables, along with livestock husbandry and chicken farming. To support them with this we will ensure they receive training and technical support in the following;

  • Leadership development and capacity building training
  • Entrepreneurship development and management training
  • Income generating activities and marketing technique training

All of us at Himalayan Leaky Foundation are so impressed with the activities to date of these amazing women and we can’t wait to continue our work to support them in their endeavours.