Padam was recently appointed as an Advisor Expert to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development of Bagmati Province.

“We are so grateful each day that you choose to work with us, Padam. The knowledge, passion, and connection you bring to HLF is appreciated more than you will ever know.”

Following the success of the work with the women of Thamdanda, we now know the project works and we are ready to replicate it with other communities. Due to the monsoon season and the location of a lot of these communities, we are waiting for the rainy weather to subside before beginning our growth of this work. With Padam’s commitment to expanding our WEP programme, he is exploring ways of partnership with HLF and local government. “Beyond excited” doesn’t explain the feelings of the HLF team!

Following interest from many people regarding the work we are doing with this programme, Padam told me about a personal meeting he had with a University Professor of Economics at Tribhuvan University, Dr Neelam Sharma. Praising the work we are doing, in Padam’s words he was saying “many people talked more, but you are doing more.”

I would like to think one day we can say we started a movement that said, “many people talked but many are doing more.” So, if supporting women to support themselves and their whanau is something that interests you, please donate here 😊.