The community had a lovely Christmas celebration after a tough year with not only Covid pressures, but the loss of Rhutama (pictured to the right), the ataahua / beautiful matriarch of the community. I still haven’t come to terms with this loss but I’m sure I will feel it when we can next get back to Nepal and she isn’t there.

Our next piece of work with the community is the supply and installation of a septic tank system. We have investigated the most environmentally friendly options which would be eco toilets in each whare, but due to the fact the community only rent, and not own, the land, we are unable to look at this option due to costs (welcome to working in Nepal! 😊) so we are installing a system that will collect all waste and get emptied monthly.  We are looking to start this installation soon.

All the photos are from the Christmas lunch and they are a combination of family (the larger picture, the lady sitting in the red chair is Nanimaya with her boy sitting next to her and opposite her is Joel, Rabindra’s son). Other photos are members of the community (the children are children no more in bottom-right but beautiful young adults 😊)